Item Commands


Learn more about what a specific item does by typing item <code>

CHAT dxraider: item abc BOTdktdbot: ℹ️ @dxraider [Charming Pet] 3⭐⭐⭐ (ABC) | USE: (90s Cooldown) Adds a PET Charm, which increases the Structure’s effectiveness. | This item cools down faster by 1s per Item Level.

If no code is provided, then this command is identical to BACKPACK (shortcut: b)


View all items you have unlocked. Items in your bank are separated into Bank Pages, which can each contain 7 items.

Moving items into your Backpack does not currently free up Bank space.

You can type BANK with a page # to view a specific page. If no page is provided, then the bot will show you the first page of your bank. Moving items between your Backpack and your Bank does not affect

CHAT dxraider: bank2 BOTdktdbot: @dxraider 🏦 Bank (14 Items) (FULL) Page 2/2 (7/7 Items) : | ▪️ AEC [Chaining Pet] | ▪️ AEE [Chaining Smith] | ▪️ AFA [Recharging Cop] | ▪️ AFB [Recharging Dig] | ▪️ AFC [Recharging Pet] | ▪️ AFD [Recharging Pray] | ▪️ AFE [Recharging Smith] | Type UPGRADE BANK to add a Bank Page.


(shortcut: w) Places an item from your Bank into your Backpack.

Supports withdrawing up to 5 item codes (separated by spaces) at a time.

CHAT dxraider: withdraw afe BOTdktdbot: @dxraider ☑️ Withdrew (AFE) [Recharging Smith Lv.2/10] 1⭐ into BACKPACK Slot 1 dxraider: withdraw aia aha BOTdktdbot: @dxraider ☑️ Withdrawn: AIA AHA

Please note that if your Backpack is full, the withdraw command will fail.


(shortcut: d) Removes an item from your Backpack.

Supports depositing up to 5 item codes (separated by spaces) at a time.

You can specify the code ‘ALL’ to deposit all items from your Backpack into your Bank.

CHAT dxraider: deposit afe BOTdktdbot: @dxraider ☑️ Deposited (AFE) [Recharging Smith Lv.2/10] 1⭐ into the BANK. dxraider: deposit aha aia BOTdktdbot: @dxraider ☑️ Deposited: AHA AIA dxraider: deposit all BOTdktdbot: @dxraider All items in your backpack have been deposited.


Sets your backpack to the items specified.

Supports loading up to 5 item codes (separated by spaces) at a time.

This command is useful if you want to quickly switch to a certain set of items. It behaves like a shortcut for ‘deposit all’ followed by a ‘withdraw’.

CHAT dxraider: load adc aha aia BOTdktdbot: @dxraider ☑️ Backpack Loadout: ADC AHA AIA


(shortcut: b) Displays all items currently in your backpack.

The Backpack gains 1 Slot every Prestige, up to 5 Slots.

CHAT dxraider: backpack BOTdktdbot: @dxraider 🎒 Backpack | ▪️ Slot 1: empty | ▪️ Slot 2: empty | ▪️ Slot 3: empty


View mail in your Mailbox, or claim a piece of Mail.

If your Bank is full, items will be sent to your Mailbox so they can be claimed later.

Typing MAIL<slot> will claim the mail from the specific Slot #.

CHAT dxraider: mail BOTdktdbot: 📬 @dxraider’s Mailbox: Slot 1: Empty | Slot 2: Empty | Slot 3: Empty | Slot 4: Empty | Slot 5: (AEB) [Chaining Dig] 1⭐ x1 | Slot 6: (ADE) [Rapid Smith] 1⭐ x2 | Slot 7: Empty | Slot 8: Empty | Slot 9: Empty | Slot 10: Empty | Type MAIL slot to open a specific piece of mail.
CHAT dxraider: mail5 BOTdktdbot: 📬 ❌ @dxraider Your BANK is full.

USE <code>

Certain items can be activated with this command.

If you add a <code> to the command, then your character will use the item matching the specific <code> (If it’s in your backpack).

If no <code> is added, then all items in the backpack will be used.

CHAT dxraider: use abc BOTdktdbot: @dxraider used 1 Items. You have 1 Items on 🕒 Cooldown. (84s) dxraider: use BOTdktdbot: @dxraider used 2 Items. You have 3 Items on 🕒 Cooldown. (84s) (90s) (86s)


View (up to 5) upgrades that you can currently perform.

UPGRADE <code> will give you more information on a specific upgrade, including cost and what the upgrade will do.

You can add an optional # at the end to view the cost of multiple upgrades.

Learn more about Upgrading.

CHAT dxraider: upgrade BOTdktdbot: @dxraider ℹ️ Type UPGRADE code to view info about upgrading an item. | Items Available (5) : (Only showing first 5) (ADC) [Rapid Pet Lv.1/10] 1⭐, (AEC) [Chaining Pet Lv.4/10] 1⭐, (AFB) [Recharging Dig Lv.1/10] 1⭐, (AFC) [Recharging Pet Lv.4/10] 1⭐, (ADD) [Rapid Pray Lv.5/10] 1⭐ | Type UPGRADE BANK to view Bank Upgrades.
CHAT dxraider: upgrade afb BOTdktdbot: ℹ️ @dxraider (AFB) [Recharging Dig Lv.1/10] 1⭐ | Cost: 1x Emerald | Upgrades to Level 2. | Type UPGRADENOW AFB to perform this Upgrade. dxraider: upgrade2 aec BOTdktdbot: ℹ️ @dxraider (AEC) [Chaining Pet Lv.17/30] 3⭐⭐⭐ | Upgrade 2x Times: | Cost: 6x Topaz | Upgrades to Level 19. | Type UPGRADENOW AEC to perform this Upgrade.


Typing UPGRADENOW <code> will immediately perform an upgrade on an item, if possible.

You can add an optional # at the end to upgrade the item multiple times. You cannot upgrade an item’s Tier in this way, it is only possible to Level Up an item multiple times.

Learn more about Upgrading.

CHAT dxraider: upgradenow afb BOTdktdbot: ⬆️ dxraider’s [Recharging Dig] has reached Level 2. The recharge increases by 1 per Item Level. BOTdktdbot: ☑️ @dxraider LEVEL Upgrade Complete. (Cost: 1x Emerald) dxraider: upgradenow2 aec BOTdktdbot: ⬆️ dxraider’s [Chaining Pet] has reached Level 19. The item effect is 1% more likely to trigger per Item Level. BOTdktdbot: ☑️ @dxraider LEVEL Upgrade Complete. (Cost: 6x Topaz)


Recycling allows you to reclaim some materials from unwanted items in your MAIL. The reward is based on the Item’s Tier.

  • Tier 1: 10 Gold
  • Tier 2: 1 Gem
  • Tier 3 – 4: 3 Gems
  • Tier 5 – 6: 5 Gems

Gems cannot be recycled.

CHAT dxraider: recycle mail1 BOTdktdbot: @dxraider ♻️ Type RECYCLENOW MAIL1 to recycle (From Mailbox) (ACB) [Mega Dig] x1 and receive: Emerald x3


If possible, immediately recycles the target, and grants materials to your Wallet. This is a destructive action, and cannot be undone.

CHAT dxraider: recyclenow mail1 BOTdktdbot: @dxraider ♻️ [Dire Pray] x1 was recycled. Got: Sapphire x5