All Commands


Only available during the July 4th Holiday. Shoots off fireworks.

player: america

Aliases: murica, happy 4th, happy july, freedom, firework, merica

cape <cape number / none>

Sets your cape to the <cape number> provided. ‘none’ will unequip your cape entirely. Can only equip capes that you have earned.

player: cape 1
player: cape 4
player: cape none


Calls the cops. Has a chance to send a random Fugitive to jail. No effect if there are no Fugitives.

player: cop
dktdbot: player2 went to jail.

dig <area>

Begins digging at <area> if it has an item buried. Continues to Dig until there are no more items in this area.

player: dig a
dktdbot: player found [Gold Nugget I]


Shows the link to the Discord channel.

player: discord
dktdbot: Join the DKTD Discord! Get the latest on updates, discuss the game, share pictures of your pets, and more!


Drops your currently held item, if you have one.

player: drop
dktdbot: player dropped [Sinister Plan]


Shows your current Gold, and your remaining Daily Donation Goal.

player: gold
dktdbot: player has 1,000 gold. Donation goal remaining: 1000


Provides some information on how to get started playing Don’t Kick the Dog.

player: help
dktdbot: (tells you how to do things)


Shows your currently held item, and information about its abilities.

player: item
dktdbot: player [Yummy Treat I] 6/10 (On Use) : Adds the Kick Immunity buff to the Dog for 20 seconds.
  • 6/10 indicates the amount of Current item charges over the Maximum number of item charges.
  • (On Use) refers to the effect when the ‘use‘ command is entered.


Has a small chance to cause a Jailbreak. When a Jailbreak occurs, all Prisoners are let loose and turned into Fugitives.

  • The chance of success decreases as more players are In Jail.
player: jailbreak
dktdbot: Jailbreak! 2 prisoners freed!


Don’t do this.



Pets the Dog.

  • During a Golden Dog, or if the Dog wants pets, pet gives you points and gives the Dog stacks of the Friendship buff.
  • If the Dog is leaving, many pets are necessary to prevent it from leaving.
player: pet
dktdbot: player finished their Golden Pets and added 1 Friendship to the Dog.

player: pet 
dktdbot: The dog decided to stay because of all the pets.

pledge <amount / all>

Donates an <amount> of Gold to the Dog.

  • Grants you 1,000 points per Gold that counts towards your Daily Donation Goal.
  • All donates all of your Gold to the Dog. This will not take into account your Daily Donation Goal.
dxraider: pledge 1 
dktdbot: dxraider pledged 1 gold and gained 1000 points! Donation goal remaining: 99 Gold. 

dxraider: pledge 1 
dkdtdbot: dxraider pledged 1 gold! 

dxraider: pledge 1
dktdbot: dxraider pledged 1 gold and gained 1000 points! Donation goal remaining: 0 Gold. 
dktdbot: dxraider hit their donation goal of 100 Gold and received a bonus 10,000 points. 

dxraider: pledge all 
dktdbot: dxraider pledged 50 gold and gained 50,000 points! Donation goal remaining: 450 Gold.


Shows your account statistics, including title, hero level, held item, gold, points, and other account stats.

player: points
dktdbot: player (Honored Hero VII) <Rank 16>, Item: [Yummy Treat I] 10/10, 3,001 Gold, 1,538,430 pts today, 2,366,910 pts lifetime, 0 kicks, 6,636 pets, 173 cops (278 Unsuccessful), 62 jailbreaks (512 Unsuccessful), 51 items dug up today (651 lifetime)


Increases your Prestige level by 1 and resets your Lifetime Points to 0 in exchange for gold. Increases the XP required to earn Hero levels.

dxraider: prestige
dktdbot: dxraider cannot prestige. Hero XVI Required.

dxraider: prestige
dktdbot: dxraider cannot prestige. 1,000 Gold required.

dxraider: prestige
dktdbot: dxraider has achieved Prestige Level 2: Honored Hero.


Apologizes to the Dog. If you are a Fugitive, you have a chance to be forgiven based on your Fugitive level.

  • Success chance starts at 40% and decreases by 10% each level, starting at Fugitive II and onward.
  • Demons have a 0% chance to succeed with Sorry.
player: sorry
dktdbot: player was forgiven!

take <code>

Takes the floating item with the <code> displayed underneath it. If you are already holding an item, the held item will be dropped.

player: take abc
dktdbot: player dropped [Gavel]
dktdbot: player claimed [Sinister Plan]


Triggers the (On Use) effect for the held item.

player: use
dktdbot: player used [Gavel]!
dktdbot: player2 was imprisoned by [Gavel]