December Update 2 (v0.8b)

A cheerful BARK from the Dog! This update changes how Loose Fugitives work (Now called Fugitive NPCs), adds a larger,  more powerful Fugitive NPC, adds Emoji to Chat Bot messages, and other smaller changes.  Feature: Fugitive NPCs Removed: Fugitive NPCs will no longer spawn randomly Added NPC: Fugitive I Health: 1 (When Health goes to 0, the […]

Update Notes: December Update 1a

Greetings from the Dog! An update has been pushed live with some bug fixes, and game balance changes. Thank you to the following players that helped catch bugs and suggest changes for this update:¬†AshtonCake, Nightcat, Qwerty, JosiahMusic. As always, you may report bugs or suggest changes to the game in the discord. Game Balance Changed: […]