v0.91b Minor Updates

BARK! The game is getting a minor update! These updates contain bug fixes and small improvements to the game. This post will be updated with all minor updates for v0.91b v0.91b.3 (5/7/19) Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where the event display could get stuck after a Fugitive Raid upgraded to the next level. v0.91b.2 (5/5/19) […]

Update: v0.91b

A hearty BARK! from the Dog! This update adds Structure Voting, a new way to elect a Structure for the next Pledge project. Structures have also undergone some changes in general. Many structures now directly modify a relevant Dog / Realm modifier (Armor, Purity… Pledge stacks) after a certain number of works by players. Some structures now […]

Update v0.91a.6

This small(ish) update rebalances many PvP items, contains tweaks Structure building, and a few other miscellaneous changes.  General If the Dog leaves, any player who receives a cut of the points loses their Halo. A warning has been added to the Mercenary Contract item. On reaching MAX Level, characters will now automatically equip their newly […]

March Update 1 (v0.91)

BARK BARK BARK from the Dog! Here’s what’s new in this update: Structures – A new reward for completing the Pledge activity that behave similar to Dig Sites, but with more focused (and even exclusive) item drops. Daily Quests – Complete these to earn Gold, Points, and boosts to the speed of various commands. Fugitive […]

February Update 1 (v0.9c)

A cheerful BARK from the Dog! This update brings a massive rework to how Fugitives are treated in Don’t Kick the Dog. The rework includes: Removing RNG from JAILBREAK (Now called RIOT), and SORRY, and COP (mostly). Introducing the ‘Critical Cop‘. Bringing Fugitive Health to Players (Previously was only for NPCs), and updating how Fugitive Health works […]

January Update (v0.8c)

A heart-filled BARK from the Dog! This update introduces Corruption, a new Realm Modifier that fuels Fugitive Raids. Yummy Treat, Hearty Treat, and Steak have been changed. There are also a handful of new items, all of which require Gold to operate.  Corruption Corruption is a buff that is added for performing any evil actions. For […]