v0.93 Minor Updates

v0.93.3 (6/29)

  • Fixed an issue where [Mercenary Contract] was hiring the incorrect number of Mercenaries when entering the command USE ALL.
  • Fixed an issue where modifier stack counts would show a rounded up number, which was misleading information about the stack count.
  • Restoring more precise display to modifier stack counts. (e.g. 100.01K instead of just 100K).
  • Fixed an issue where Working Frenzy was not showing the visual duration countdown.
  • Fixed an issue where [Divine Pet] could stack Pet Power in an unintended way.
  • Fixed an issue where Jail Health was decaying unintentionally.

v0.93.2 (6/26)

  • Fixed an issue where [Ruby] granted the incorrect amount of Friendship per player.

v0.93.1 (6/25)

  • Fixed an issue where high level Bone Pieces were dropping more than intended from Level Up chests.

Update: v0.93

A jaunty BARK from the Dog!

Lots to go over this update, so let’s get into it!

Bone Level & Golden Dog Changes

Like before, earning Points increases the Bone Level to higher and higher tiers. In v0.93, Golden Dog no longer triggers when this happens. Instead, Golden Dog is now on a 15 minute timer.

Leveling up the Bone increases the Pet point value of the next Golden Dog.

Golden Spark drops have been rebalanced so that Tier IV and V are much more rare, but Sparks also give more points now.

Level Up Chests

Whenever the Bone levels up, a Level Up Chest spawns that contains a large amount of items. The contents of the chest increase in quantity and quality at higher Bone Levels.

Bones have had their point requirements adjusted

It will now be far more difficult to earn higher tier Bones. For reference, Enlightened Bone V now requires over 2 Billion points.

Now that Golden Dog is on a timer, we can be a little more aggressive on how difficult Bones are to earn.

I wonder how this will shake things up?

Ascension Changes

  • Ascensions are still triggered at the end of a Golden Dog, but only if the Bone has reached the MAX Level for the current ascension.
    • This requires both MAX Level and completely filling up the Bone.
    • This will be indicated on the Bone itself, and it will say ‘MAX‘.
  • There are now 8 Ascensions (Previously, 5), and the first Ascension now starts at the end of Legendary Bone.
  • The Ascension UI has been updated.

Corruptor Difficulty

These factors now scale up with Bone Level for Corruptors:

  • Spawn Time*
  • Health
  • Elite Chance
  • Item Drop Quality

*Corruptors will not spawn under certain conditions, like if players are sending fewer than 2 Actions per Second, or if there is a Golden Dog.

Previously, Spawn Time could vary wildly as it was entirely based on Actions per Second. This would mean that in times where activity spiked, you’d also likely see a Corruptor. The thing is, activity spikes happen because of things like Golden Dog or Digging Frenzy, where there isn’t really a strong incentive to attack Corruptors without missing on some pets or digs. With this update, we should see spawns be more spread out.

Elite Corruptors

  • Now last for 5 minutes (Previously, 1 minute)
  • Ability Cast Time: 60 Seconds
  • Adds 60 Corruption per Ability


  • Now take 30 seconds to spawn a Corruptor (Previously 15)

Hopefully Elites are a little more worth fighting now, since they will not change their target code as often and last longer.

Soul Sparks

Corruptors drop a new type of item called a [Soul Spark]. These still count as Sparks, so picking them up will contribute to Daily Sparks quests.

[Soul Spark] I, II, III, IV, V

  • On Pick Up: Grants [60, 70, 90, 120, 240] seconds worth of points to the Dog per player claiming this item.

As mentioned earlier, the quality of the Soul Sparks dropped by Corruptors is increased by Bone Level.

Elite Corruptors drop higher quality Soul Sparks, and are guaranteed to drop one [Soul Spark III].

Other Corruptor Changes

  • Golden Dog now continuously smites Corruptors with damage every second.
  • Corruptors interrupt Pet and Pledge activities, and now visually appear in the same area. (Previously, Corruptors appeared underneath the Dog)

Item Changes

[Officer’s Badge] I, II, III, IV

Now also deals increased damage to Corruptors.

  • Charges: [25, 30, 50, 100]
  • Passive: You deal +[2, 3, 4, 4] additional damage to Fugitives and Corruptors. Dealing damage costs 1 Charge. Repairable by Police Station.

[Divine Pet] I, II, III, IV

This was previously [Saving Pet]. Pet Power works by increasing the number of stacks you can clear at once via Pet. This will work both to clear Kicks and Affection stacks.

  • Charges: [25, 50, 100, 250]
  • Passive: While the Dog has Purity, your Pets gain +[2, 2, 3, 5] Power. Performing a Pet removes 1 Purity, and costs 1 Charge. Repairable at Altar of Dog.

[Gem] I, II, III, IV, V

Friendship Gem has been broken out into 5 types of items all classified as a Gem: [Sapphire], [Emerald], [Ruby], [Topaz], and [Diamond]. Also, the item’s effect now scales with the number of players that claim the item.

  • On Pick Up: Adds [25, 50, 100, 200, 400] Friendship to the Dog per player that is claiming this item.

[Golden Spark] I, II, III, IV, V

Point reward has been buffed.

  • On Pick Up: Grants [10000, 50000, 100000, 500000, 1000000] points to the player that claims this item. All other players attempting to claim this item receive 10% of the point value.

Misc Changes

  • Sinister / Justice Chests no longer completely take over Chest spawns while the Dog is leaving.
  • [Working Frenzy] can no longer increase Structure Health above 10.
  • All four dig sites will now spawn chests on a short timer.

v0.92 Minor Updates

v0.92.1 (6/9)

  • Fixed an issue where Corruptors wouldn’t spawn in certain ascensions.

v0.92.2 (6/13)

  • Updated Item artwork for several items. [Gold Nugget] for example now has different artwork based on its tier.
  • Equipment-type items should be outlined in white, while Pickup-type items should not have a white outline.
  • Portals can now spawn at zero Ascension stacks.
  • Fixing an issue where Golden Sparks were expiring when they shouldn’t.

New Items

[Wealthy Pledge] I, II, III, IV

  • Charges: [50, 75, 100, 100]
  • On Use: Adds X Charges to this item. Costs 1 Gold per Charge. You can specify X by USE X.
  • Passive: Your Pledges clear up to [4, 4, 4, 5] additional Pledge stacks. Consumes 1 charge per Pledge.

Deprecated Items

Deprecated items have no effect, and will no longer spawn.

  • [Corrupted Pledge]
  • [Holy Pledge]
    • Post Mortem: [Corrupted Pledge] was not quite useful enough to justify the Corruption added. Clearing multiple pledge stacks, however, is very nice. So that has been carried forward into [Wealthy Pledge]. [Holy Pledge] made more sense when it was the only way to clear corruption, but after recent changes to Altar of Dog, this item was only useful in certain edge-cases.